For decades, methods of recovering mined gold, silver, and other minerals has used a process requiring harsh and toxic chemicals such as cyanide, arsenic, and other punitive chemicals — Or they use hundreds-of-millions of gallons of water a day — Or they use other extremely dirty and complicated processes.

For example, using traditional and old fashion mining techniques in gold recovery sites located in Arizona and Mexico from many decades ago, where both operations were only able to see about 40% recoveries with their traditional ore separation processes, this green technology consistently demonstrated recovery rates greater than 99% - 2 1/2 times more Gold recovered on the same land than the original minors retrieved decades ago!

Most solvent extraction processes use harsh acids to dissolve the ore into a liquid (ionic state) so that the precious metals or any other mineral desired can be targeted and separated. However, the process that G&SMRG uses is a synthetic environment safe and friendly bio-acid that is not harmful to humans, animals, or ecology. The mechanical system is a unique closed loop system that will continually process the ore body and it specifically targets the minerals to be extracted. In fact, every rare mineral extracted can be separated and sold, including even the clean sand that is a product of this innovative and safe mining process.


The technology is a proprietary patent pending process, which includes the utilization of reagents that are environment safe and friendly non-toxic and can be formulated specifically to extract target valuable minerals. This makes for exceptionally high yields at up to 99% recovery, as well as an environmentally clean and safe mining operation.

It's important to note that the system was specifically designed for land reclamation and preservation, plus the recovery of valuable minerals left behind in tailings.