Environment Friendly Gold & Silver Production

Our environment safe and friendly ore separation process is deemed the most advanced and efficient mineral recovery system to date — Our recovery methods are so efficient it will be rid the land from toxins, harsh pesticides that have blown in over the decades (that destroy local vegetation and contaminate the many aquifers in the area), and will further liberate the acreage from harsh elements such as arsenic, cyanide, and mercury.


Gold & Silver Properties

We have many Claims across the Western States … Our primary Gold and Silver production location is in the South East mineral rich territory of great State of Utah, USA, that we refer to as -“The End Of The Rainbow” - The approximately 3,000 acre property has been assayed and certified at several-million ounces of Gold, many millions of ounces of Silver, as well as substantial additional rare-earths such as Platinum, Copper, Tin, and many others.


Gold & Silver Mining Resources Group. LLC. is a NEW WAY to mine …

Our exclusive environment safe and friendly ore separation technology is the most efficient process we know of today … We produce up to 99% recovery of precious metals, while cleaning up the land leaving it in a more pristine state than we found it.

Gold & Silver Mining Resources Group is a team of forward thinking professionals utilizing environmentally friendly and proprietary mining ore separation technology for the purpose of extracting valuable minerals, namely gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, tin, copper, iron, and other precious metals.

In addition, this same patent pending technology can safely clean and remediate claim properties from such poisons as arsenic, cyanide, herbicides, and pesticides, among others.

You Want Gold And Silver …

  • » Environmentally friendly ore separation process (fully compliant even in California's strict regulatory environment);
  • » Exclusive proprietary and patent pending ore separation technology;
  • » Superior land claims with tremendous assayed yields;
  • » Efficient processing yields precious metals in higher quantities than traditional mining technology;
  • » Environmentally safe reclamation technology can clean and restore soils to natural and pristine states;
  • » Primary mining locations are placer ores, meaning that the ore is surface soil that is very easy and efficient to collect, separate refine and sell.

With our precious metals recovery we produce Gold Bars, Silver Bars, and Minted Coins that can be purchased on our sister Company website - www.GoldandSilverMintReserve.com.